Diane Melvin (Big)Spiritual Sustenance

This winter I am reminded of the value of making time to care for my religious life. It is important to remember to make time to nourish our spirits; this is true all year long, yet I think especially in the midst of a long, cold and dark winter.

Our lives are often so busy and we have so many demands on our time and energy. What are we doing to refill those coffers so they don’t become depleted? Do you have a regular spiritual practice that feeds your soul? Does your time connecting with folks at People’s Church feed your spirit?

When I make the time to meditate for 30 minutes each morning, I feel much more grounded in my daily life and connected to what is most important, I am currently reading “Seven Thousand Ways to Listen: Staying Close to What is Sacred” by Mark Nepo. His questions for refection at the end of each chapter have provided great prompts to help me ponder ways that I listen to and heed the sacred in my own spirit and life.

May you find ways to keep your spirit nourished as well!

Blessed Be, Diane Melvin, Religious Education Director


5/6th Grade OWL

Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education classes are an important component of our religious education program at People’s Church. Since we believe that we are all sexual beings from the day we are born until the day we day, it is important to be able to have open communication about the changes that take place in our mind, hearts and bodies as we grow, age and change.

I’m thrilled that we have 22 kids participating in our 5/6th OWL class taking place before church during February and March. Thank you to Kelly Henderson, Brooke Feltner-Beebe and Pam Wadsworth for facilitating this class. And special thanks to Beth Bullmer for creating and leading an accompanying chalice circle for parents at the same time.


Youth Group – For all 9-12th graders —First Sundays 1:00-3:00pm

Enjoy fun games, worship, and social justice projects together! For more information contact Karen Friedel at 269-870-0615.


Elementary Sleepover – Friday, Feb 27

All K-7th graders are invited to enjoy a fun night at church. Families are invited for a potluck dinner at 6:00 pm. This is a great way to deepen relationships with church buddies! For more information contact Brooke Feltner-Beebe at 616-340-7406.


Save the Date for Peace and Nature Camp

June 22-26

Peace and Nature Camp is a one-week day-camp held at People’s Church and will be M-F, June 22 -26, 9am-4pm and is open to all children 6-12 years old.   More information will be in the next newsletter.


Social Justice Youth Conference

March 6-8 at People’s Church

People’s Church is hosting this year’s district youth social justice conference. All 9-12th graders are encouraged to attend for a weekend full of meaningful workshops, youth worship, coffee house, camaraderie and fun for all.

Register at https://www.midamericauua.org/events/eventdetail/449/-/conscience-hs-youth-social-justice-con-heartland-area

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