Religious EducationExpanding our World View

I have recently returned from the annual LREDA Fall Conference where I gathered together with several hundred professional UU religious educators from around north America. The focus this year was Best Practices in Shared Ministry.

There was a series of keynote speakers and break out sessions on staff relations, equitable compensation, continuing education, multi-cultural welcome, pastoral care and self care. It was rich time to be together with my colleagues for a combination of hard work and great fun together.

I went several days early to participate in the “Who Are Our Neighbors” anti-racism training.   One of the things I was reminded of at this training is the importance of the majority of the people in our congregation participating in anti-racism, anti-oppression, multi-cultural work so that we can do a better job repelling fewer visitors.

The more informed and involved we are in recognizing and understanding our own biases and judgments, the more potential we have to be a powerful force for positive change in the world—both individually as well as collectively.

My favorite comic from the slide show is shown below. We all see the world through our own lenses and perspectives, and it seems perfectly normal to us. We often we assume others see things as we do and we are often unaware that our worldview is not fact.

Education is the first step to moving beyond this limited perspective. If you have a chance to attend an ERAC/CE workshop this year, I recommend seizing the opportunity. If you are interested in doing this important multicultural work together at People’s please contact Nadine Godin-Nassaney from our ARAOMC group!

I am grateful for the chance for continued professional development and renewal and I especially appreciate members of the RE Committee for managing Sunday morning details so that it is possible!

Blessed Be, Diane Melvin, Religious Education Director


Youth Activities

At least 20 youth have enjoyed attending district UU youth activities between the Mystic Lake UU middle school retreat and the CONtagious high school conference. It is such a great way for our kids to connect with the wider UU world, experience and lead youth worship, deepen connections and have fun together.

Sunday, November 2nd – 1:00-3:00pm All youth are invited to stay after church and make pasties for the Bazaar in the kitchen together!


Young Adult UU Group

All 18-35 year-olds are invited to participate in our young adult group on the first and third Thursdays at 7:00pm. Enjoy fellowship with fun games & activities, great snacks and meaningful discussions for more information and meeting location contact group coordinator, Fernando Ospina at or 352-328-4964.


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