MoneyPresident Obama in his January address to Congress stated “America needs a wage increase” Our UU Social Service Committee Chair, Bill Schulz, said “For those earning the least — the people who bring us our food in restaurants, who care for our sick and elderly relatives, who clean our office buildings — it’s been a day-to-day struggle to survive on a minimum wage that when adjusted for inflation, is one-third lower than it was in 1968. Narrowing the enormous wealth gap in this country is an economic and political challenge— but it is, above all, a moral imperative.”

The Social Justice Committee is now bringing the minimum wage issue to People’s Church……Petitions calling for a referendum vote in November that would increase the minimum wage over a 3 year period from $7.40 an hour to $10.10 are being circulated all over Michigan.

At a table in our lobby we have petitions available for you to sign. We hope you will sign a petition and also if possible, volunteer to gather more names from friends and civic or social groups you may belong to.

For further information please contact Pat Nelson or Phil Kramer.

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