What is KCCC?

The Kalamazoo Climate Crisis Coalition started in mid-2019 as a response to Greta Thunberg’s call for a Global Climate Strike in September of 2019. Led by a group of professors from WMU, a number of organizations got together to plan Kalamazoo’s participation. Over 1500 people participated in the rally held at Arcadia Festival Center on September 20, 2019. From this
nameless beginning the KCCC (K triple C) was formed.

Being professors, the leaders continued with Ms. Thunberg’s Fridays for Future. Instead of small weekly strikes, it was turned into one of the best educational series I’ve known. Until COVID struck, every Friday there was a guest speaker and then reports from the various Coalition members. With COVID, we of course can’t meet in person but, we continue to meet two Fridays a month. We generally still have a guest speaker and member reports. This education is why I attend and support this Coalition. It keeps the knowledge of the problem alive but it also shares the solutions that are being created. There is also a lively book club. In January, the author of the book gave a presentation and answered questions. The participants were from Europe, Mexico, as well as local.

Denise Keele has, since the beginning, been the kingpin of this organization. There are now over 20 climate organizations who are members of this Coalition. And we continue to have community events. Working with Earth Week, we organized a Virtual Earth Week last year. For all you ever wanted to know about the Coalition, you can check out kalamazoocrisis.org or find us on Facebook.

Nicky Leigh

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