ARAOMC: New Name, New Structure
by Cary Betz Williams

Anti-Racism Anti-Oppresson Multi-Cultural committee. ARAOMC.  What a mouthful. And not very descriptive. Feedback from church members suggest that many don’t know what we do exactly in the church, which makes it difficult  for people to connect with our mission. So we are renaming ourselves. ARAOMC is now Dismantling Racism Within People’s Church. Our new name more clearly states the group’s purpose, which is to share our knowledge of white supremacy culture and how it pervades our world, our society and even our church, often in ways most are totally unaware of.

We have also changed the structure of the group, We are still in the process of working it all out, but we will not be calling ourselves a committee anymore.  There will be a Steering Team, made up of two long standing members of the original committee, Reverend Rachel, a board member and several other  church members. They will act in a guiding capacity, identifying issues that need to be addressed or events that can be planned. Their suggestions will be passed on to an Implementation Team, which will then design and organize events, films or speakers.  There will also be 2 pools of volunteers for Support and potential facilitators. We hope to populate these 2 pools with members from the congregation who are interested in being involved in anti-racism work but do not have the time for long term commitments. These volunteers might help put up chairs for an event, do copying for a teaching session or provide snacks at an event, or help facilitate selected events.By renaming and restructuring the anti-racism group, we hope to make it more understandable and more accessible to members who wish to be involved. There will be different levels of commitment and business involved to fit the needs of

People’s People who already do so much as it is.We hope that these changes will make us more transparent, more accessible and more welcoming to people who have varying knowledge of antiracism work but still want to become involved.

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