Green SanctuaryThe following is a letter from the UUA.

Dear Connie and members and friends of People’s Church,

It is my deep pleasure to tell you that your congregation has achieved Accreditation as a Green Sanctuary. Congratulations! Getting to this place requires so much dedication, skill and care which seem to abound in your community.

Reading your application was inspiring. You describe many projects that are creative, involve a broad cross-section of your community, go deep, and reach out into the greater community. Your nature trail and outdoor labyrinth that invite people of all ages is a lovely and telling aspect of who you are. It seems your efforts have helped environmental justice and sustainability to become part of what you do from worship to education, summer camp and justice work.

We understand that your efforts to encourage ISAAC to take on environmental justice have not resolved the way you hoped, but that you will try again. In the meantime, the review team felt strongly that you have powerfully combined anti-oppression training and work with multiple community partners. Your efforts to partner with vulnerable communities in multiple settings, from the neighborhoods of Detroit to the Upper Peninsula and on the banks of the PCB-infested river, set you on a trajectory for real environmental justice.

Please take time to celebrate your good work. This is the work of many lifetimes and can be so overwhelming. It is important to renew, ground our selves in our UU faith, in beauty and community – but your application reflects that you likely already know that.

With gratitude for all you have done and will continue to do and

For All Earth,

Rev. Karen Brammer
UUA Green Sanctuary Program Manager

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