Peace and Nature Camp -2013So far we have had two wonderful days of camp.   30 campers have spent their time exploring the woods, singing songs, making snacks, catching bugs and frogs, weaving and tie dyeing.   Whether writing in our journals or sitting quietly in the woods we have all learned something about ourselves and the world around us.  On Thursday we will spend time at the Kalamazoo Nature Center in the morning and hike through the deep woods to the source pond in the afternoon.  Friday afternoon we will sing songs for our families to close out the week.

It is our hope that these experiences will allow our children to feel safe in, and connected to, the natural world.   I would like to thank our staff and volunteers.  It is such a blessing to work with such generous and talented people:

Assistant Director
Aliisa Lahti

Bill Eberle
Elisabeth Pixley-Fink

Jr. Counselors
Lucy Cutler
Ulee Webster
Karissa Weber
Nic Betz-Thorn
Della Steenstra

Laura Weber
Scott Weber
Gary Swartz
Joy Gardner
Anna Shade
Sarah Hill
Mary Kate Webster
Sue Glenn
Dana Kubinski
Christine Haan

Also, the support of the People’s Community has been tremendous.  We were able to raise over $800 in scholarship donations and fulfill all scholarship requests.  Thank you for helping!  Have a great summer.

Jeff Kirkwood
Peace and Nature Camp Director

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