Artist Statement: Gay Walker

fawn #1As an art therapist, I know that painting helps me process and communicate what is important in life. I was greatly inspired and influenced by my parents. During my life, they constantly guided my eyes to see and appreciate the beauty of nature. This exhibit is to honor them and Mother Nature, the master artist of all.

Mom died in 2012 at age 98 and although I know she is no longer physically here, I often connect with her and hear her suggestions as I paint, as if she is sitting on my shoulder. Mom was an amazing artist and taught me how to see color and nature.

My Dad died at age 100 last year. Dad taught me to see through his eyes also, through his love of gardening and the beauty of flowers and rocks (and music–he was a trumpet player). He could breathe life into a dying plant, and was known for his abundant and colorful gardens, with flowers as well as  fruits and vegetables.

I paint though Mom and Dad’s eyes, seeing through their ‘lens’ or perspective on nature: water, landscape, animals, and color. I have painted many of their loved subjects and that is almost like walking in their footsteps. This has brought me closer to them and allowed me to acknowledge their teachings and sense of wonder of the world.

I paint to express my sense of awe for the wonders and beauty of our world, and as an art therapist I also can express the difficulties of life. I have a fascination with color and the many millions of colors used by Mother Nature. Painting is my therapy, stress relief, and my form of meditation and connection.

Please help me honor my parents, Mother Nature and the creativity that is inherent in all of us that is waiting to be expressed.

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