Pam Allen-Thompson (med)There is so much to say as I prepare for our parting at the end of May. I have learned much and given much, cared deeply and loved boldly. I have missed cues, made mistakes, and disappointed some of you. I have been touched by your warmth and your pain, and have been amazed at your faithful good work in so many areas. I have welcomed many smiles and kind words. And most importantly, I have tilled the soil that will be ripe for your next interim minister, who will plant the seeds that will bloom and prosper to welcome your settled minister.

I share words from the late Gordon McKeeman, a stalwart in our faith tradition, so it may be reminder from time to time as you move through this important process. He says:

Ministry is a quality of relationship among human beings that beckons forth hidden possibilities; inviting people into deeper, more reverent relationship with the world and with one another. It is standing for human dignity and equity, for compassion and aspiration.

Ministry is believing in life in the presence of death, struggling for human responsibility against principalities and structures that ignore humanness and become instruments of suffering and death. It is speaking and living the highest we know and living with the knowledge that it is never as deep or as wide or as high as we wish.

Whenever there is a meeting that summons us to our better selves, wherever our lostness is found, our fragments are united, our wounds begin healing and our muscles grow strong for the task, there is the ministry.


Also, over the next few weeks, I’ll be hosting three open-conversation sessions for anyone interested.  The purpose of these sessions is to answer any questions you may have before my time as your interim minister comes to a close.  The sessions will be on the following dates:

  • Monday, April 28, 2-4pm, in Rev. Pam’s Office
  • Saturday, May 10, 10am-12pm, at Water Street Cafe on Oakland Dr.
  • Sunday, May 11, 12:30p.m., in Room 9

Finally, for anyone interested, a renovated historic home is available for rental in June. $900 monthly. First floor. Rose street, close to downtown. No garage. Di and I have enjoyed it very much and will be happy to tell any interested party about its features. The Landlady, Carol Mountjoy, grew up in the Religious Education program of People’s Church.  Carol has been an excellent Landlady, and the young woman upstairs is very nice.  Call Carol at 269-218-0080.

In gratitude, Rev. Pam

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