Pam Allen-Thompson (med)As I write, the calendar has reminded me that spring has sprung! I don’t quite see it or feel it yet, here in beautiful snow country, but I believe it is well on its way. Picnic basket, get yourself ready—we’re going to find those nice hiking trails and do some exploring.

In a way, the interim period we have shared is a bit like that. And thanks to the many who have tread the path before us, we have a bit of a road map that can offer guidance for the next steps. It won’t take us directly from point a. to point b. because it leaves room for you to do your own exploring.

The All-Congregation conversations have been a significant part of getting ready for that journey, and my accolades of appreciation for the great work the Transition Team has brought to lay this important foundation. They have asked questions and listened, encouraged conversation and shared ideas, and much more—all in preparation for the next Interim Minister whom you will meet in August.

Then one year later you will welcome the Settled Minister who will laugh and cry and sing with you through all the years you share together. And you will remember what a big load the Board of Trustees and other leaders carried in service of People’s Church—and you will smile, knowing that it was all very well worth it, in more ways that you might have imagined.

May you keep imagining because there are always new trails and new discoveries that will delight you. I feel blessed to have been a part of this season of discernment with you, and I will leave at the end of May with a deep gratitude for what I have observed and experienced in my short time with you. But this is not yet a good-bye. We will make the best of the time we have. While I work closely with certain groups in areas that aim to strengthen the overall ministry of People’s Church, I want to also be available for individual conversations. Let me know how I can be helpful in these last months, filled with the renewal of springtime.

Rev. Pam

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