One of the tasks of the Board of Trustees is to make sure that our actions are fully in line with our highest values as a church. Since the congregation approved our new mission and vision last year, we’ve had clearer direction in this work. Stewardship season has provided us a great opportunity to align our actions with our beliefs. The Board unanimously decided, in agreement with Rev. Rachel and with the unanimous support of the Stewardship committee, to get rid of the minimum pledge requirement to be considered a supporting member. We find it offensive and in opposition to our stated ideals to require people to pay to be considered a full-fledged member of our church, able to vote in congregational meetings and serve on all committees. The minimum pledge and waiver system currently in place is cumbersome to use and enforce, and a source of embarrassment or shame for many people in need of a waiver. It does not serve us, nor does it align with our intentions to build a diverse and inclusive loving community or embrace equity and pursue social justice. We are pleased to be able to make this change and put our beliefs into action.

—Zoë Valette

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