Tim Bartik

Tim Bartik
I am a lifelong UU who has been a member of People’s Church since the early 1990s. I have been involved in many church committees, including two years as Board President. I am married to Deb Wickman, and have two sons who went through the RE (Religious Education) program at People’s: Alex, currently in graduate school at MIT; and Jonathan, currently teaching math at Kalamazoo Central. Since 1989, I have been a senior economist at the Upjohn Institute for Employment Research. My hope for People’s Church is that we continue to strengthen our efforts to both serve the religious needs of our church community, and our efforts to promote greater justice in the broader community.


Beth BullmerBeth Bullmer
I have been part of the People’s Church community for 15 years, attending with my daughters, Quincy, a junior at Portage Northern & KAMSC, and Kenison, a 5th grader at 12th St. During this time I have volunteered in various RE classrooms ranging from 1st grade-YRUU, including middle school/high school OWL, I also helped chaperone the YRUU trip to our partner congregations in England several years ago. I have served on the Long-Range Planning Committee & several terms on the Sunday Services Committee. I look forward to serving on the Board as another opportunity to give back to the community which has given a religious home to myself and my children. I am a self-employed Licensed Massage Therapist at Westnedge Wellness, as well as, an instructor at the Institute for Massage Education and an artist/poet. My focus in all that I do is wholeness and wellness. My hopes for People’s Church are to keep our community whole and well as we grow and transition with our new minister so we may continue to bring our values of social justice into the broader community.

Mark GernsbackMark Gernsback
I began attending People’s in 1975 and joined soon after. Early on I became involved in RE, where I am now teaching my second generation of teens. I have also served on various committees, worked with Tuesday morning Building and Grounds, and done several terms on the Board. I owned a transmission shop in Kalamazoo and worked as an auto mechanic for (too!) many years. I have four adult children, two of whom were born into and raised in the People’s community. My hopes for the future are that we move into this next era with strength and confidence, continuing to offer our unique viewpoint to the wider Kalamazoo area.

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