Cary Betz Williams

Cary Betz Williams, 55, has been attending People’s Church for 8 years. She has one son, Nicholas, who is 17; he also attends People’s. Cary is currently finishing her second term on the RE Committee, has taught kindergarten/1st grade RE class, written curriculum, assisted in OWL classes, is an RE greeter on Sundays and is currently one of the high school Youth Group leaders. She is a member of the ARAOMC Committee and taught ESL at the Prince of Peace site with other People’s members. When she is away from the church, she works at the Kalamazoo Valley Museum and as a tutor specializing in reading, writing and success skills for individuals with learning differences. She credits People’s Church with helping her raise her son to be a strong, principled young man and for giving her a home where she can be her best self.

Elizabeth Warner

Elizabeth Warner has been a part of People’s Church since her oldest son, Roe was about 8 months old. He is now 18 and in college; her youngest son, Tatem is in 7th grade. She has been doing a lot of soul-searching to clarify the role of People’s Church in her life. People’s Church is a crucial component of her life’s commitment to connect with others, and to live her purpose, which is “to joyously co-create a community promoting the health and well-being of all.”

As a formal leader in Bronson Healthcare Group, Elizabeth can offer the skills of systems thinking, collaborative problem solving, and juggling complex and dueling priorities. She strives to be an effective listener and empathetic physician. Clinically, she serves as an inpatient palliative care physician at Bronson Methodist Hospital.
In the 18 years she has been a People’s member, Elizabeth has served on the Finance Committee, Nominating Committee, Summer Camping Co-Chair, and Board of Trustees (2010-2012). She has sung in the choir, led Sunday Service, worked in the nursery, swiped credit cards at the Holiday Bazaar, waved her placard at the Service Auction, ushered her son through Coming of Age, and mentored others on their journey.

Personally, she has cultivated deep practices of resilience and gratitude which will allow her to effectively serve the church. She is practicing humility, a willingness to learn, and is eager to support the church in its continued growth and evolution. Elizabeth thanks you for considering her nomination.

Sharon Caron

Sharon Caron grew up in Kalamazoo, graduating from Kalamazoo Central and WMU.  She has three grown children and two grandchildren.

She was a Social Studies teacher at Loy Norrix High School for twenty-two years, teaching U.S. and World History, Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology.  During her tenure there, she served on several committees, mentored student interns from WMU and Kalamazoo College.  She retired in 2010.

Sharon currently teaches yoga, participates in an awesome book club, and, basically totally enjoys retirement.  She also served on the Curriculum Committee for what is now the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute for a period of time shortly after she retired.

Sharon has attended People’s Church for about six years, and has been a member for four years.  She has found a real connection with the principles of the UU Church and shares with People’s a vision of membership growth—both in numbers and emotional and intellectual growth—social justice, and the continued seeking for ways to be part of creating a better world.

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