sheet-music (sq)The Music Committee is proposing an increase in music staffing for the following reasons:
1. To re-align our pay scale with UUA guidelines and ensure fair pay for current music staff.
2. To develop an integrated music program with a Director of Music. The creation of this position will improve continuity and decrease staff turnover.
3. To be prepared to hire a new Music/Choir Director this year when our current director leaves.

The Music/Choir Director will continue the Adult Choir and develop additional music programs such as:
1. The Bell Choir
2. Intergenerational services
3. Music in Religious Education
4. Outreach

The creation of this position will enable sufficient time for coordination of music with the minister/staff/music committee for Sunday services and special services.

The UUMusicians Network guidelines for the estimated time for each position and a percent of budget for a music department were used for the following recommendations.

The UUA guidelines for recommended salaries were followed.
Geo Index 2
Mid Sized I (150-249)

UUA compensation guidelines using the unit-based system were followed. 12 Units equals full time service.

Music Staffing proposal:
1 Unit (3-4 hours/week administrative duties) Music Director Stipend: $4,400.
5 Units (15-20 hours/week) Choir Director: $12,000.
2 Unit (6-8 hours/week) Instrumentalist: $3,800

This gives us 6 Units or ½ Time Music Director if the Choir Director is also the Music Director which is the preferred option. But, the MD Stipend could be a stand alone position or added to the instrumentalist position depending on the personnel available.

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