Money MattersWe have had a successful Stewardship Drive at People’s Church this spring. Despite losing some pledging units, our annual pledges are up 12.4 percent over last year, and we qualified for all of the $25,000 in matching funds. This means that we will have $36 thousand more to spend next year than this year. However, there will be several unanticipated expenditures associated with the Interim Minister. These include the health insurance premium, payroll taxes, moving costs and additional professional expenses totaling over $14 thousand dollars.

At the Annual Meeting on May 19 a budget with a deficit of $5,142 will be proposed for 2013-14. This will allow our pledge income to pay the increased personnel costs and one-half of the projected interest costs on our building loan. The rest of the budget will be covered by the Palmer Fund.  We will use Feeding Our Flame proceeds to reduce the principal on our loan. Come to the Annual Meeting after the service on May 19 for more details.

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