Most of you are probably aware that we had a difficult year financially in 2014-15. In the final analysis, we had a deficit of $9,382. This is after we took more than $37,000 out of the Palmer Unrestricted Fund (the church savings account) for special, one-time expenditures relating to the Interim Minister and the Ministerial Search Committee. One bright spot was that many people did respond to our pleadings to complete their pledges. While we were about $24,000 short on pledge income at last report, we actually ended the year $17,000 short. This is still considerably above our usual expected pledge reserve of $10,000.

On the other hand People’s People contributed $113,942 to the Keep Feeding Our Flame fund to help retire the loan on the new building. At the end of June, we owed $630,747 and are paying $2,715 per month interest. Our loan will be renegotiated this fall.

Please contact Database Manager Dana Kubinski (269-375-3262), Assistant Treasurer Barb Davis (269-327-5894), or Treasurer Allan Hunt (269-372-2033) if you have any questions about financial matters.

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