Allan HuntAs of the first of June, we are running about $28,000 behind (or 10%) in pledge income for the year, with just one month to go. Statements of pledge balances were sent out in June to give everyone a chance to finish their pledge before the end of the fiscal year on June 30. If you will not be able to finish your pledge, or if you have other questions, please contact Database Manager Dana Kubinski (269-375-3262), Assistant Treasurer Barb Davis (269-327-5894), or Treasurer Allan Hunt (269-372-2033) to discuss your situation.

We are doing better on Keep Feeding Our Flame three-year capital pledges. We have received over $160,000 or 36% on those pledges as of early June. The current balance on our loan is $630,747. Our goal is to have this reduced to $600,000 by June 30. Any payments dated before June 30 will be applied against this goal. The maturity date on our original 5-year loan is November 14, 2015, so we will be renegotiating the note this fall and our payment record will be an important part of this discussion.


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