19587256_sThe fiscal year at People’s Church ended on June 30, 2014. Our operating income fell about 5 percent short of budget for 2013-14, or nearly $20,000. Pledge income was down, as were collections, fund raisers, and building use fees. Fortunately, expenses came in 4 percent below budget, so we completed the year with a modest deficit of $5,900. This included paying $21,000 in interest costs from the operating budget.

We also completed the three year Feeding Our Flame campaign in July with total pledge receipts of $788,008! This outstanding performance by People’s people means that our loan balance has been reduced to $705,747. In addition, we have received new three-year pledges of nearly $450,000 to the Keep Feeding Our Flame Campaign. You may contact Database Manager Dana Kubinski, Treasurer Allan Hunt or Assistant Treasurer Barb Davis if you have any questions.


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