Money MattersThe Combined Stewardship Feeding Our Flame Campaign is nearly complete. The debt reduction drive was a big success, with $493,543 pledged to date. However the Annual Fund did not do so well, coming in $23,000 lower than last year; and this has made it necessary to adopt some extreme measures. The Annual Meeting of People’s Church passed the new budget for fiscal year 2014-15 on May 18. It was a difficult process, as our pledges to the Annual Operating Fund came in low, and we did not have the $25,000 pledge matching fund.

The Finance Committee exerted extraordinary effort to trim nearly $9,000 from the budget and to transfer the interest cost back to the capital side. In addition, a group of 11 People’s Church supporters volunteered to “reallocate” some or all of their debt reduction pledge to the annual operating budget. In the final analysis a total of $50,000 was reallocated in this way to make our operating budget for next year feasible. So we will go forward with this one-time budget solution and resolve to review the fiscal situation during the coming year to determine whether we have developed a structural deficit at People’s Church.

With the campaign winding up, it is appropriate to review the pledges and payments to the original Feeding Our Flame campaign which ends on June 30, 2014. At this point, we have collected more than 95 percent of the FOF pledge total. This overstates our completion status somewhat as there are 20 pledging units that have over-fulfilled their pledge. Thank you to these very special friends of People’s Church. If you still have an outstanding balance, please plan to complete your pledge before June 30. Contact Dana Kubinski, Barb Davis, or Allan Hunt if you need more details.

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