Money MattersThe Budget Hearing on March 16 presented a goal of 8.7 percent increase for next year’s operating budget. This primarily reflects an increase in interest cost. This year the $42,000 cost of our interest only loan was split between the operating budget and Feeding Our Flame contributions. We are hoping to pay all the interest from the operating budget next year so that every dollar contributed to FOF will go toward reducing the principal of $700,000.

At the Combined Campaign Kickoff on March 23, plans for a joint annual fund and debt reduction campaign were introduced. As in 2011, we plan to conduct the two campaigns simultaneously. Pledges will be requested for the Annual Fund and for a three-year extension of Feeding Our Flame. If we can be as successful as we were last time, we could be debt free in 3 years! This would result in interest savings of over $300,000. Details will be forthcoming early in April.

Cottage Conversations are planned over the next month to provide an opportunity for questions, discussion and fellowship. Please call the church (269-375-3262) or  signup online if you want to attend. The Combined Campaign will end with Commitment Sunday on April 27.

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