Allan HuntAs we approach the end of the calendar year, it is a good time to review where you stand with your pledges. This applies to both the Annual Fund and the Keep Feeding Our Flame capital fund. We are half-way through the term for both campaigns. Statements have been mailed to those with an outstanding balance as of November 20. You can realize 2015 tax deductions for any pledge payments received or postmarked by December 31. The church will acknowledge your contributions in January.

In addition, you should know that we have refinanced our loan at First National Bank of Michigan. We got a better rate (4.1 percent) and a longer term (5 years) than the first loan. We anticipate a remaining balance of around $700,000 by the end of the year. That means we have paid more than half the cost of the improvements in five years!

You may contact Treasurer Allan Hunt (, Assistant Treasurer Barb Davis ( or Database Manager Dana Kubinski ( if you have any questions about financial matters.

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