Allan HuntWe have received bequests from two very, very long-term beloved and respected members who have died this year. Marge Spradling and Hannelore Eck will be sorely missed for their participation and many contributions to the life of People’s Church over the past half-century.  And they remind us that People’s Church offers several options for this type of planned giving. Most flexible is the Palmer Fund, which is an unrestricted fund named for former minister Edwin Palmer. The money from the Palmer Fund can be used for any purpose that the church may select in the future. This flexibility was very helpful during the pre-construction phase of our recent expansion.

There is also the option of the Perpetual Pledge Fund. This provides that 5 percent of the principal will be paid out to the Operating Fund every year in perpetuity, just as if the member were still alive and pledging every year.

Last is the Community Service and Outreach Fund which provides a 5 percent annual payout to support the social justice programs at People’s Church. This includes activities of the Social Justice Coordinating Committee, Anti-Racism Anti-Oppression Multi-Cultural (ARAOMC) Committee, and our Partner Church Committee.

We keep a list of individuals who have indicated that they have made these arrangements in their wills. If you would like to explore this option, contact Treasurer Allan Hunt to get more information. And you can always contact Database Manager Dana Kubinski (269-375-3262), Assistant Treasurer Barb Davis (269-327-5894), or Treasurer Allan Hunt (269-372-2033) at any time you have questions about financial matters.

Allan Hunt,

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