Last month, I reported on People’s Church financial outcome for 2014-15. Most of you are probably aware that we had a difficult year.   We had an operating deficit of $9,382, after we took more than $37,000 out of the Palmer Unrestricted Fund (Church savings account) for special, one-time expenditures relating to the Interim Minister and the Ministerial Search Committee.

Our Stewardship Drive also came up short, and the result was a congregational decision to cut discretionary budget items by 25% across the board, and impose a wage and salary freeze. Our support for the UUA and the MidAmerica Region were cut by 50%! Now we have to live within this budget. This means we all must pay more careful attention to church expenditures and complete full payment of our pledges for 2015-16.

In addition, we will be renegotiating our building expansion loan this fall At the current time, we owe $630,747 and are paying $2,715 per month interest. The Board of Trustees has appointed a Renegotiation Committee consisting of Tim Bartik, Michelle Clark and Allan Hunt. This will be completed by mid-November. Please contact Database Manager Dana Kubinski (269-375-3262), Assistant Treasurer Barb Davis (269-327-5894), or Treasurer Allan Hunt (269-372-2033) if you have any questions about financial matters.

—Allan Hunt, Treasurer


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