The Annual Meeting of People’s Church occurred on May 19. A budget for 2013-14 was unanimously approved by the congregation. The new operating budget will cover one-half the interest on our construction loan and some significant personnel costs connected with the interim minister appointment. The overall increase in People’s Church income for 2013-14 is projected at 10.8 percent while the increase in operating expenses is 12.3 percent, resulting in a projected deficit of $5,142.

The Feeding Our Flame II campaign has been very successful with 36 new pledges for $34,300. This means we qualify for the full $25,000 in matching funds. Our grand total pledged for FOF to date is now $770,000! We also qualified for the full $25,000 in matching funds for our Annual Stewardship drive with more than 170 pledges for a projected total of $280,530, plus the matching grant for a total pledged of $305,530.

There is a vacancy on the Finance Committee for next year. If you have an interest in financial affairs, please contact Treasurer Allan Hunt, Assistant Treasurer Barb Davis, or Finance Chairperson Michelle Clark.

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