Ministerial Search CommitteeOn behalf of the Board of Trustees of People’s Church,   I would like to thank all the members of the Ministerial Search Committee. These people …

Zoë Valette, Marj Lightner, Jeme Baker, Rochelle Habeck-Hunt, Don Miller, Rick Johnson

… have accomplished a tremendous amount in just a few short months. The fruit of their efforts is the calling of Rachel Lonberg to be our new settled minister beginning in August. So, what now? With its goal accomplished, the Ministerial Search Committee is officially discharged. That means no more late-night meetings; no more lengthy reports; and no more prying questions from anxious congregants. Committee members—you are hereby relieved. And we are all relieved as well. Because of all your labors, we get to enjoy the start of an exciting new phase in the life of People’s Church.


Thank you.

Ben Jones, Co-President of the Board of Trustees


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