MeditationSaturday, September 14

Come join us in mutual support for a time of silence. We will gather from 9:00 am until noon for a time that includes sitting meditation, walking meditation, and perhaps a few other practices.  No previous meditation experience is necessary.

There is no fee for this retreat, and no pre-registration is required.  What to bring:

  • your own meditation cushion if you wish; there are a few available to borrow in the space
  • a folded blanket (or two) can serve as an alternative meditation cushion
  • a yoga mat or other item to lie down on in the event we do a lying-down practice; there are about 7 mats available in the space

Straight-back chairs are available in the space.  If you are new to meditation, a 3-hour block of practice can be a stretch.  If you are a beginner, have questions about whether this would be appropriate for you, or would like to get some quick-start instructions, please contact Carolyn Heineman to arrange a time to talk.

For questions, or for more information, contact    Carolyn Heineman at 269-345-7101, or

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