IMG_4284We have welcomed 20 new members to People’s Church in this church year so far. If you haven’t had a chance to get to know our new members, check out the January newsletter as well as the bios that Ardyce Curl has put together for those who recently joined on March 9—found in the newsletter. I am continually amazed by this great group of people and how much they are adding to our congregation already. Make sure to introduce yourself to them if you haven’t already.

Are you new to People’s – either a recent visitor or a new member – OR – are you a member or friend of People’s looking for an interesting discussion? Come and have an interactive conversation about Unitarian Universalism as we discuss the forward, introduction and first two chapters of the book The Unitarian Universalist Pocket Guide. All new members who join People’s receive a copy of this book—and copies are available in the library or can be loaned from the Membership Committee. This engaging experience will be held at 12:15 on April 13 in Room 19. Grab some Second Sunday lunch food right after the service from the kitchen. We’ll eat first and then start our 1 hour discussion at 12:30.

We’ll hold our Spring Membership Orientation on 5/4 from 12:15 – 2:00 in Room 19. Please bring a brown bag lunch – we’ll eat first and then learn more about People’s Church, Unitarian Universalism and what it means to be a member at People’s.

All of our events require pre-registration, so contact Anna Shade, Membership Chair at Child care is always available.

For those who would like to join People’s, we’ll hold our next Bond of Union signing ceremony and New Member Recognition on Sunday, May 18. If you are interested in joining People’s on this day, please let Anna Shade know as well.

Finally, with all of the transition talk, it’s a really different and sometimes confusing time for newcomers at People’s Church this year. I just want to remind everyone of how important it is to greet and welcome our newcomers, but also to make real connections with them. Stop a newcomer with a blue nametag, introduce yourself and tell them why you are a part of the People’s Church congregation and what you love about being here. Share your faith journey, give them your UU elevator speech and take time to listen to their story. Our community needs People’s Church and Unitarian Universalism more than ever—and those walking in our doors are seeking all that we have to offer. Let us open our hearts to one another in the midst of all that is going on—and eagerly share our truths and our hopes for the future with the newest People’s people.

In Fellowship,

Anna Shade

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