Are you ready to help challenge the NEXT Harry Potter horcrux?  Kids in Religious Education (RE) are.  The target is ILLITERACY and the attack is scheduled to start on March 12th with our SPECIAL COLLECTION.  Our goal is to provide a book for every child at Lincoln School.  We will need to have 320 books to accomplish this goal. The Special Collection will be BOOKS/and or a DONATION to purchase books. RE kids will be helping to sort the books for distribution to Lincoln School classrooms and will be making bookmarks for each Lincoln School student. This is an intergenerational project!

Bookbug is partnering with People’s Church to help us achieve our goal. They have put together a list of suggested books and the number of each title that will be needed. Bookbug is offering a $15% discount for all books purchased for this project.


  • Purchase a book or books from our list
    in-person at Bookbug and bring the purchase to church on Sunday, March 12th (or any time during the month of March).
  • Make a purchase from our list using Bookbug’s online service and they will deliver the books to church at the end of March
  • Make a donation, and the Social Justice Coordinating Committee will purchase books from the list on your behalf


Go to : to access The Lincoln School Wish List for People’s Church. Information about the books, age level, price and number needed will be noted. You can purchase books much as you would purchase from a bridal or baby registry or wish list.

When ordering online or in the store, you will need to enter the discount code LINCOLN at checkout in order to get the discount.

You can choose to have the book or books you order come to the store by choosing the shipping option “pick up in store” and Bookbug will collect them for delivery to the church.  You can also choose to pick up what you order from the store and bring it to church yourself.


Bookbug is located in the Oakwood Plaza. If you want to purchase a book or books at the store from the The Lincoln School Wish List for People’s Church, ask a staff member to help you. They will be able to show you the list and you can pick out the books you want to purchase and donate. Be sure to tell them the discount code: LINCOLN.

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