Our most profitable “department” at November’s Holiday Bazaar is called People’s Specialties. It takes place in the foyer and features your handmade jams, salsas, breads, frozen entrees, cookies, candies, and small hand-crafted items (knitted items, small quilted items, etc.).  While fresh produce is plentiful, now is a great time to start canning jams or salsas, or freezing items for the fall.

Another way you can help with the Bazaar is by saving items you may no longer need for our White Elephant sale.  If you can brave the wilds of your closets and basement shelves, please rescue those very nice items (no clothing, furniture, or ski equipment), clean them up, set them aside, and we will try to find them new homes in our White Elephant Sale in the fall. Housewares, decorative items, and kids’ toys have been especially popular.

Every little bit helps, and getting a head start on these contributions can make a huge difference!

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