SAM_3105Stewardship of the environment is a deep-rooted value in the People’s Church community. Several ministers who have served our church knew that spending time in nature was important for restoring body and spirit. Each year, Caroline Bartlett Crane took refuge in a lakeside cottage to rest so she could persevere in her social work. And Rev. Edwin Palmer, the beloved minister who served our church for over 30 years, had a family summer retreat on the shores of Paw Paw Lake in Texas Township.

The Palmer children donated a portion of that land to the Michigan Nature Association (MNA) as the Edwin and Margaretta Palmer Memorial Sanctuary. The 22-acre Sanctuary is a prairie fen, a particularly diverse and rare ecosystem that provides a haven for endangered species of plants, butterflies, and turtles. The value of the preserve is enhanced by its proximity to a contiguous MNA preserve; together, the two areas protect a large portion of the lakeshore, which increases the resilience of the wildlife sharing this special ecosystem.

 Pictures of the Palmer Sanctuary

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