DogRecently, concerns have been brought to the Board of Trustees regarding dog visitors at People’s Church.  These include soiling/damage to carpets, unwanted visits from dogs that are unleashed in the building, as well as other problems.  Because of this, the Board has approved the following pet policy for People’s Church.  This policy might be expanded or revised in the future as needs arise.  The policy is addressed to issues of dog visitors only.

  • All dogs should be leashed or crated, or confined behind a gate in an area where they can be supervised.  No dogs are allowed in the building unless they are under the owner’s supervision at all times.
  • Dogs that are visiting the building must be house-trained.  Owners will be held responsible for any costs incurred due to soiling or other damage to church property.  Dogs that are not house-trained should not be brought inside the building.
  • Owners should ask permission before allowing their dog to approach other church members or visitors.
  • Owners are required to clean up after their dogs on church grounds (i.e. Scoop the Poop!).
  • Service dogs, and dogs in training to be service dogs (such as through Paws for the Cause and Leader Dogs) continue   to be welcome in the building.

The intent of this pet policy is to keep People’s Church a safe and welcoming place for people as well as their dogs.  We hope this will address concerns currently being raised by church members.

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