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“Feed the flame of people  younger than you. By nurturing the young, you regain youth yourself. Feed the  flame of people older than you. By cultivating the old, you may borrow some of  their wisdom.”


Testimonial by Stephanie  Measzros
I love People’s Church because the first time I visited with my husband Chris and 3 year old Eliza, people smiled warmly and said “hello”, and “welcome to People’s Church”. I love this church because, early on, when I shared my fear about 2nd daughter Isabel’s breech position and an imminent C-section, several people spoke with me kindly, letting me know they would keep us in their thoughts. I love People’s Church because my kids have learned much about the world’s religions, allowing them to contrast and compare them and make their own decisions about what makes sense. I love this church because my kids have had a thorough and comprehensive sexual education here, giving them the tools to make educated choices in relationships, and to feel comfortable with their own sexuality.

I love the church’s commitment to honoring children at each stage of their development, especially through the intensive Coming of Age Program, which was so impactful to both of my girls. I love being part of a congregation with so many opportunities for service, and I feel good giving of myself in the RE Program, Women’s community and church events like the Holiday Bazaar, as well as sharing my music with the congregation. I love this place because I have come to know so many supportive, interesting people through the 15 years I have attended.

I give financially to this church because I am an active part of it, and I get back far more than the dollars I give. I am not sure you can put a price tag on my daughters’ OWL and Coming of Age experiences, the support that has been freely given when needed, the friends I have made or the acknowledgement I have received for what I have to offer and who I am as a person. I support People’s Church because it is a place I hold dear, because it has been a kind and loving learning environment for my family, because it is my religious home.


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