LogoMed (2)“It is both strange and strangely comforting that although the faces change, the scenes remain constant.  We roam the same hallways, seek the same solace in the same places as the men and women who built our churches.  The same is true for any institution that persists over time.  If it is to survive, within its walls and under its roof there must be a ceaseless flow of life.  The work and love of generations past always do lay the foundation for our own, and life-to-come and life-gone-before are woven gradually into the same garment.”

~ From the essay Ceaseless Flow of Life by Vanessa Rush Southern, Minister, Unitarian Church of Summit, NJ

On February 12, 2014 after our consultant, Jeff Susor, reported widespread support based on one-on-one interviews and congregational surveys, the Board of Trustees unanimously approved a new three-year capital campaign in conjunction with this year’s annual stewardship campaign. The goal of our renewed Feeding Our Flame campaign is to reduce or retire the debt related to our recent building project. As part of this fundraising effort, we’ll ask People’s people to make one pledge of support for the Capital Campaign and one for the church Annual Operating Fund.  Look for a pledge packet to arrive in the mail in early May.  The Capital Campaign kicks off today, Sunday, March 23 and will culminate with Commitment Sunday on April 27.

There will be an opportunity to sign up for one of ten Cottage Conversations on Sunday.  These will be in the homes of different People’s people and will be opportunities for fellowship and conversation, with leaders from the Board, Transition Team, and Commitment Campaign available for conversation and questions as needed.  There is no pitch or program included – just an opportunity for sharing in this time of transition.

Online sign-up for these meetings can be done here.

As we start to engage in this important process of supporting People’s Church through this three-year capital campaign, long-time People’s Member, Dick Klade, offers these words about why we should support this new campaign.

“I view support for our Commitment Campaign in two major ways. We obviously need to reduce or eliminate our mortgage debt to have a sound foundation for continuing worthwhile programs that fill many needs. Doing so requires a financial commitment from all of us as we are able to give. If we meet the campaign goals through our individual commitments, we will be making a collective commitment to Kalamazoo and the greater Kalamazoo area that People’s will continue to be a major force for good in the community for a very long time. These are commitments worth making.”

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