Exhibit on display in The Commons through December 31.

Artist Statement

The images in this exhibition are a representative sampling of picture making I have been engaged in over a long of time, as well as my newest directions. Some appeared in my calendars, but many are making their debut. Many people are familiar with my urban landscape motifs, but my highly interpretative starscapes and Aurora Borealis images may be a surprise.

These paintings all have been executed according to compositional and coloristic strategies with the intention to offer the viewer a point d’appui for experiencing some positive reflections, memories, peaceful contemplation, thoughts and feelings, perhaps stimulating some insight, deep awareness or connection. That is actually my job description as an artist and is my mandate, regardless of subject matter, technique or stylistic emphasis. Recently I have taken to naming my images after lines from songs and giving some eccentric titles which refer to psychological or philosophical concepts I deem important to consider. It is more than probable that my titles will become increasingly enigmatic as time goes on.  I realize that if I were younger, indulging in that sort of thing would lead to my being charged with hopeless pretentiousness. Having done a great deal of homework over the last three-quarters of a century, I rather think I will take my chances.

Since the visual experience is the main thing, my sincerest hope is that all viewers will find something in this group of paintings that will offer some joy, some happy association, some unexpected access to cheerful serenity, or even a fleeting glimpse of the Transcendent.

—Suzanne B. Siegel

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