Art Wall Exhibit runs from March 20 – April 24

ChinaArtist Statement:

I was born in Hong Kong in the 1960s and moved to America when I was two years old, where I attended school in a small All-American town in west Michigan.  As a child I had a big curiosity about the culture from which I originally came.  My dream was to return to China someday.

In 1995, my dream came true!  I went on a 2 ½-week tour of China and Hong Kong.  In 2005, my husband Brian and I joined Jian Hua Foundation and moved to northeast China for Mandarin language study.  Afterwards, we volunteered at an orphanage and a farm in rural southwest China.  I found Chinese life fascinating and wanted to share my experiences with friends and family back in America so I took 15,000 photos of China during my seven-year stay.  I have lived without indoor heat for five years and eaten exotic foods such as stir-fired  yellow jackets.  I have traveled to 12 provinces and over 12 villages in China.

In 2013, my husband and I moved back from China to Holland, Michigan where I started taking photography more seriously.  You can find my latest photos at: Fine Art America or Facebook.

—OiLin Jaeger


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