Secure MI Vote submitted an initiative petition, a proposed law, to the State Board of Canvassers, which approved the summary’s wording of it.  Signature gathering may have commenced on Oct. 1.

The initiative would suppress voting insofar as it:

  • mandates that people disclose partial Social Security numbers when registering to vote.
  • restricts options for registered voters to verify their identity. Acceptable forms of photo ID would include a driver’s license, state ID card, passport, military ID, tribal ID, or student ID issued by a university, junior college, or community college.
  • requires voters applying for an absentee ballot to include their driver’s license or state ID number, along with the last four digits of their Social Security number, on their application.
  • prohibits election officials from sending or providing absentee applications unless asked.
  • spends $3 million providing free photo identification.
  • bans charitable contributions, including volunteer time, to help administer elections.
  • allows the Legislature to adopt the law without a vote of the people and block a peoples’ referendum vote after adoption.

Protect voters’ rights!  DECLINE TO SIGN!

React to the Maps in October 

The Michigan Independent Redistricting Commission (MICRC) needs your input about its draft maps in October—this is the month when the MICRC can still tweak its maps.  By November, the public will only be able to urge the MICRC to use one or another entire set of maps, that is Set A or Set B for State House districts, for example.

9/30-10/1       MICRC will vote on DRAFT maps.
10/4                 Draft maps available at
10/18-10/26   Public hearings, including 10/18 in Grand Rapids, Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, 1-3:30 & 5-8pm.
Other hearings:  10/20—Detroit, 10/21—Lansing, 10/25—Gaylord, 10/26—Flint, all 1-3:30 and 5-8pm.

One may testify at a hearing in person or virtually, and provide input at any time via the MICRC’s portal:

11/5              MICRC will vote on PROPOSED maps. (Public may comment for 45 days but only yes or no for an entire set of maps.)

12/30            First date MICRC may vote on FINAL maps.

County Apportionment Advocacy

LWVKA has urged the Kalamazoo County Apportionment Commission to reconsider its decision to reduce the number of County Commission districts from 11 to 9, based on the LWVUS position in support of redistricting that results in effective representation of racial and linguistic minorities.

The population of Kalamazoo County increased by 4.5% from 2010 to 2020. Creating fewer County Commission districts with larger numbers of residents will dilute the influence of racial and linguistic minority voters, leading to a lack of representation of those citizens.

The League has also called on the Apportionment Commission to reconsider its decision to shift its meetings from 5pm to 1pm.  More citizens are able to participate in the evening.  Given that the Commission’s composition does not include citizens at large or members of minority groups, it is essential that the Commission maximize public input.

—Denise Hartsough, LWVKA VP for Program

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