THANK YOU to ALL for a Beautiful and Successful Bazaar.  This year was our best-ever Bazaar—not just in financial terms and participation, which were tremendous—but in a special spirit and joy that seemed to fuel all the work we did together from start to end. Although the Bazaar is just a single event and a small part of our income, it offers a valuable way for us to lean in together and work as a whole church toward a goal we share. We meet each other, discover our talents, see the strength of our collective action, and extend ourselves to the wider community. Maybe it is one of our ways of training to act on and fulfill our mission.

Specific thanks are due to the co-leaders who led each area of the Bazaar and all who served with them:

Peoples’ Specialties: Kat Westphal and Nancy Stern, and all who staffed these loaded tables, and everyone who contributed their beautiful frozen entrees, baked goods, jams, and handcrafted items.

People’s Signature Pasties: Bob Friedel and all the weekend crews of choppers, dough makers, assembler/bakers and wrappers. They SOLD OUT earlier than ever!

Buildings & Grounds and Set Up Crew: Gary Leadley, Catherine Niessink and all the willing workers who decorated and cleaned the building, moved ALL the furniture, and set up for the Bazaar in record time!

Artists and Vendors: Emily Sipsma and Susan Stafford worked for months to recruit the right balance and mix of talented artisans and provided beautiful service to help them succeed and enjoy our show.

White Elephant: Nicky Gates, Sheila Reuther and Pat Nelson created a strong leadership team with help from many who organized and priced items and everyone who contributed items for this big effort.

People’s Café: Sandy Steele and Deb Wickman, shift leaders and shift workers of all ages, all who prepared beautiful food and provided special service that people look forward to enjoying in our café.

Cashiering and Finance: Megan Reynolds and Barb Davis led this critical operation with many talented volunteers to accurately receive and account for income received, and all our vendors’ earnings.

Greeters: Julie Schneeberger and Karen Friedel and all the diligent and charming folks who carried out their Greeter role with care and hospitality, cookies and smiles. You set the tone and kept it humming.

Shuttle Van Service: Gary Leadley and all the drivers who carried our folks back and forth to Center Point in the Hill/Reynolds van with blinking light and made room for our customers to park and shop.

Public Relations and Communications: Rick Johnson, Deb Beyer, Chris Schleuder for preparing and distributing all forms of our communications and all who helped get the word out so effectively.

Scheduling and Recruiting: Chris Schleuder and Denise Hartsough for running a successful system!

Clean-Up: The Gardner Family, the Jones/Watson Family, the Kirkwood Family for leading and MANY of all ages (and their vacuum cleaners) who transformed remains back into Church in less than two hours!!

The list could go on…Dave Curl and his spectacular exhibit with all proceeds donated, with help from Gay Walker and others; Candle booth helpers; Andrew Alm for AV all day; our Minister and staff for their constant support, and even the weather this year.

With a grateful heart,
Rochelle Habeck Hunt

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