Green SanctuaryEating Seasonally in Kalamazoo
By Aliisa Lahti

One of my favorite ways to celebrate the cooling weather and changing of seasons is to bake whole sweet potatoes and halved squash to share with my family.  The house is warmed by the oven and that first taste of creamy, savory, sweet squash is so good every year. During the fall, I stock up on winter squash directly from local farmers.

Eating local food seasonally is good for the environment because it means our food does not have to travel as far by truck to get to our plates.  And it’s good for our health.  Studies show many nutrients are formed as the food ripens. But the moment they are picked, their sugars begin to convert to starch and their nutrients begin to diminish. So, the sooner you eat fresh foods, the more nutritious they are.

Yet, in Michigan it can feel challenging during the winter.  We are lucky to have a handful of local growers who extend the growing season with hoop-houses and greenhouses to bring us fresher foods for more of the year.  One of my favorite places to find squash, kale, eggs, and so much more in the cold of winter is the Bank Street Winter Market.


Visit these markets if you are seeking fresher foods this winter:

Borgess Medical Center Indoor Farmers’ Market
BMC Cafeteria
1521 Gull Rd, Kalamazoo, MI 49048
Every other Thursday, 11am-2pm
Year Round

Bank Street Winter Market
1157 Bank Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49001
(Bingo hall across from Kalamazoo Farmers’ Market)
8am-1pm, Every Saturday
November 28th-April 30th

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