By Nicky Leigh

After our May Annual Meeting, the congregation voted for People’s to become an affiliate of the Kalamazoo Climate Crisis Coalition (KCCC). Thank you to everyone for making this possible. With this we have joined a coalition of over 30 different organizations and businesses interested in curbing greenhouse gases and attempting to reduce the Climate Crisis. You can learn more about them at

During July, we joined forces with some of these organizations for two events.

First, on July 10th, we came together at the Kalamazoo Nature Center to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the KCCC. At this time, let’s thank WMU for the support it gives the coalition and Dr. Denise Keele for the hard work and energy she supplies. There were about 20 tables (organizations) present and a number of organizations gave short 3-minute talks on what they’re doing. We didn’t talk, but based on Tom Hackley’s input, we put together a fact sheet introducing ourselves and our accomplishments to date. Since this was an anniversary party, we were given a wonderful vegan lunch served by Zooroona.

Then, on July 18th, we hosted the Kalamazoo Electric Vehicle Association (KEVA) at the church to introduce our new Level 2, 2-vehicle Electric Vehicle Charger. It is located by the back door of the church. We had over a dozen different EVs and their owners present for people to examine and learn about. To name a few brands, there were Teslas, Bolts, Mustangs, Mitsubishis, Ford Escapes, and more that I can’t remember. Again, we had some organizations (KCCC, Citizens Climate Lobby, Hope for Creation and Consumers Energy) joining the fun and tabling. Plus we had a guest speaker, Paul Pancella from WMU, speaking on the merits of electric vehicles. We didn’t have any kind of tally sheet, but there were over 50 people for Paul’s talk, so we had good attendance over the afternoon.

Although we had these two events in July, normally our conservation work is done quietly, with no fanfare. The Green Sanctuary and Building & Grounds committees have been working through the pandemic toward the ultimate goal of making us net-zero. If anyone has suggestions, or would like to work with them on their projects, contact the committees; they probably could use the help.

Always end on an action! So. One thing a typical household can do is experiment and go meatless at least one day a week.

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