Just before the pandemic, the Green Sanctuary Committee (GSC) shared a letter with the People’s Board of Trustees in support of becoming an affiliate of the Kalamazoo Climate Coalition (KCCC), provided the church membership also supported affiliation during the 2020 Annual Meeting.

After a year’s delay, we are once again proposing members consider KCCC affiliation at the May, 2021 meeting.

We at People’s Church recognize:

  • That global climate change is an existential crisis and is leading to mass species extinction;
  • That the climate and ecological crises are human caused;
  • That we, as full participants in the overuse and exploitation of the planet’s resources, bear responsibility for the current crisis;
  • And that we have a desire and responsibility to work to correct the conditions that have brought about this crisis in order to preserve a habitable world for our children and future generations.

We believe it is important to exercise leadership within the faith community as we collectively engage in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This work aligns with the 7th Principle of Unitarian-Universalism, “Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.” This commitment has been underlined through action at General Assembly, starting with the 2006 Statement of Conscience, which declared that, “We as Unitarian Universalists are called to join with others to halt practices that fuel global warming/climate change, to instigate sustainable alternatives, and to mitigate the impending effects of global warming/climate change with just and ethical responses.”

In addition, because climate justice is racial justice, we believe KCCC’s mission (below) aligns with People’s ongoing anti-racism work.

The Kalamazoo Climate Crisis Coalition mobilizes collective action to achieve immediate and drastic reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and rapid adoption of renewable energy through a transition grounded in social, racial, economic, and environmental justice.

Chief among the benefits of affiliation is the ‘stronger together’ value as regards the urgent, sustained action needed to hold hope in the midst of escalating planetary peril.  There is no financial obligation to be a KCCC affiliate.

We encourage you to visit the Coalition’s website, Charter, FB page and Principles of Affiliation (a link to which will be posted soon on the church’s website) prior to our annual meeting on May16, 2021.  We look forward to your comments and questions any time.

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