Green SanctuaryPeople’s Church has renewed its membership in Michigan Interfaith Power and Light, a non-profit organization that works to help faith communities become better stewards of the earth. Its primary focus is on mitigating climate change through two key actions:


  1. Helping faith communities reduce energy use in houses of worship and members’ homes
  2. Advocating for state and national policies to decrease greenhouse gas emissions


Reducing energy use in our personal lives is as important as advocacy. How can we demand change from others if we do not “walk our talk”? Moreover, if we reduce the energy requirements of our homes and church, then it will be easier to meet our local energy needs with power from renewable sources.

All members of People’s Church receive Michigan IPL member benefits! You can save up to 25% on Energy Star appliances at ABC Warehouse and get discounts on energy efficient lighting and energy saving products.


Advocacy is also vital. We can make changes in our lifestyles and buildings, but to change our social systems so we can shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy requires the collective power of voters. Michigan IPL provides opportunities to make our voices heard and amplifies our voices by linking us with 200+ Michigan faith communities. Together, we can tell our legislators that creating a more sustainable society is a moral issue.


Check out this website to learn more about discounts and advocacy opportunities:

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