Linda Coppens began attending People’s in 2018.

“I’ve always been a Unitarian,” she said.  “When I was in fifth grade my parents took my sisters and me to the Sunday School at the First Unitarian Church in Detroit.  Later I was a member of the Liberal Religious Youth.”

Linda has also joined UU churches in Asheville, NC and Indianapolis, IN.  She attended an Episcopal church for a year when she lived in Indianapolis.

“It was interesting and had gorgeous music,” she said, “but it was not for me. After my husband Alan died, I turned to meditation and Buddhism for solace. And I still practice it.”

When she moved to Kalamazoo in 2017, Linda sought a UU church and was delighted to find and join People’s. Her sister and brother-in-law Karen and Tom Voigts are longtime members.

I was looking for friendships, a community of people with humanistic values, inspiration for spiritual growth and volunteer opportunities,” Linda said.  “Here I found all of the above.”

She added, “Rev. Rachel’s sermons and homilies are wonderful!  They’re calming, interesting and inspiring. Some of the guest speakers are very good.  I like singing the hymns and also like the periods of quiet stillness during services.”

Now retired, Linda was the college archivist at Warren Wilson College in Asheville, North Carolina and earlier the city archivist in Carmel, California.

She is currently working on a biography of the American classicist, Edith Hamilton.

“I’m always reading, she said, “especially American and European history, women’s studies, geography and poetry.  I enjoy swimming.  I grew up swimming in the Great Lakes on summer camping trips.”  She also enjoys listening to and playing classical music and jazz.

Linda is at the Visitors’ Table or Information Desk once a month, and has helped with the Holiday Bazaar and has joined the Talking Pots several times.

(Linda, 75, has two daughters, six grandchildren, two great grandchildren and a cat named Tasha.)

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