Bill GinnBy Ardyce Curl

Bill Ginn was raised Catholic in the Detroit area. The oldest of eight children, he went to Catholic Schools and learned to play guitar for Sunday Mass.

“When I was 18, a pretty girl invited me to a home Bible study,” Bill said.   “Reading the Bible was not something Catholics did back then.” It led to attending other Christian churches. Bill eventually returned to the Catholic Church where he again played guitar.

Years later, after meeting and marrying Kimberly, Bill and she attended a Catholic Church for a couple years.

“But Kimberly didn’t care for it,” Bill said. “So we began attending—and soon joined—a UU church in Berrien County. That congregation sent us to a week of leadership school in Beloit, Wisconsin.”

The Berrien UU church had a practice where after each service they pulled the chairs into a circle and each attendee shared thoughts about the sermon.

“This was similar to the Chalice Circles we have at People’s,” Bill said. “I appreciate the time it allows me to put my thoughts together on a topic and to express them without interruption.”

When Bill and Kimberly moved from Niles to Kalamazoo, they were looking for another UU church and found People’s.

Since then Bill sometimes has played the guitar for church services, played music at the bazaars, has been on the music committee, the finance committee and the Board. He also has been a part of a Chalice Circle and has attended camping trips in South Haven. Now single, he participates in Friday evening sing-alongs, sings in the choir and occasionally plays the guitar for services.

Bill said he appreciates the work Director of Religious Education Diane Melvin and the volunteer teachers have done toward the development of their daughter, Juli, who recently joined People’s as a member on her own.

“Juli is awesome because you folks are awesome,” Bill said. “This is an excellent village in which to raise a child.”


(Bill, 60, is an accountant for the Defense Logistics Agency in Battle Creek, Daughter Juli, 17 is a junior in high school. )


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