Bobby Goldstein

Bobby Goldstein heard about People’s from several folks including Sarah Hill, Megan Reynolds, Sonja Dean, Tim Bartik and Deb Wickman who live in his former neighborhood. He joined People’s softball team the summer of 2016, and started attending People’s services soon after. He became a member in December 2016.

“My life was changing, Bobby said. “I had some health changes (mostly positive) and my marriage was dissolving.  I was relatively new to Kalamazoo and I wanted to find a community that I’d fit into that was separate from my marriage.  Also, I was looking for a place for my children that would help with ethics and morals without pushing things I didn’t believe in.”

Bobby grew up Roman Catholic.

Here Bobby says he has found a community. “I’ve found a home for the kids,” he said.  “I’ve made friends. I’ve added something good and stable to all of our routines which shouldn’t be underestimated.

“I like seeing the people every week,” he said. “I’m on the RE Committee and I like seeing the work we do bear fruit. I work in progressive politics, but I work remotely. It’s great to see people being active locally.”

The parts of the mission statement he finds important include the inherent worth and dignity of everyone, justice, equality, compassion and acceptance.

Bobby said attending People’s often makes him think about why he acts and believes the way he does.

He has been on the Religious Education Committee since last summer and said, “You’re most likely to encounter me asking you to be a greeter or to make sure your child is registered for RE.”

Asked if there is anything he’d like to see happen here that is not happening now, he said, “I sometimes fear change and the thought of expanding the church gives me pause, but I think it will be for the best. I’d like to see more opportunities for adults to get together, but in reality, I don’t know if I’d actually participate.  My dance card feels pretty full at the moment.”

(Bobby, 49, is a project manager at M + R Strategic Services. a consultant that works with progressive nonprofits to help them be more effective online. He is divorced, has two children: Frankie, 10 and Rosie, 6, who attend RE classes. Bobby likes to bowl and has recently taken up distance running.)

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