Anisah HaynesBy Ardyce Curl

Anisah Haynes grew up in a Seventh-day Adventist Christian church but spent 14 adult years as a Muslim. Then she discovered Unitarian Universalism and attended Berrien Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Berrien County four years. She found People’s on the Internet and first attended in October 2013 and joined soon after.

“I was new in Kalamazoo and in need of finding a local community where I could fit in and be myself without judgment,” Anisah said. “I was living in a shelter and going through a pretty hard time.

“I was looking for a community where my son and I could learn and grow and make friends,” she added.

Anisah said here at People’s she has found a wonderful group of folks who have welcomed her and her 11-year-old son Ibrahim into their fold.

“They make us feel as if we have a local family,” she said. ”My son and I both feel at home here. It’s important to me to be with like-minded people who are open-minded.”

Anisah has no certain belief or creed but appreciates the views on life and the spirituality that others bring. Her hobbies are reading, genealogy and web design.

She hopes to get involved at People’s, perhaps by working with some of the children. Also, she would like to see a single’s group in the church. “Not a ‘UU’ thing,’ she said, “but just some nice get-togethers for those of us who are unattached.”

(Anisah, 45, currently is employed at a Deli, but recently completed training for Pharmacy Tech and is hoping to find a position soon. She has four children: Ibrahim, 11, a son Mustafa,19, and two daughters: Jaya, 25, and Nabilah, 18.)

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