By Ardyce Curl

Following is an interview with a People’s person talking about why he came to People’s and why he continues to participate.

Andrew Alm 2014Andrew Alm found People’s Church through the website while reading about UUism on line and started attending People’s in September 2013.

“After reading about Unitarian Universalism I wanted to experience a service first hand,” Andrew said. “I didn’t spend much time in any church while growing up. Now I was looking for a safe, comfortable place to explore my own personal beliefs and values.”

He found People’s welcoming.

“I was surprised how readily people were to embrace and acknowledge me as a newcomer,” he said. “I started to slowly meet people in the congregation and I felt like People’s and UU were what I’d been looking for in a religious community.

“Finding People’s Church and it’s community is one reason I now feel confident about returning to school,” Andrew said. He enrolled this January as a fulltime student at WMU to pursue a bachelor’s degree in mathematics.

Community and connection are important to Andrew. “People’s is a place I can come and know I will find loving people,” he said. “The work of the church has become an important part of my life. People’s feels like a home for me, a place where I can explore my own beliefs and grow as a person. I’ve found many folks to whom I can talk openly about my faith journey, and I can listen and learn from experiences of others.”

Andrew finds nature, music and other people to be sources of religious wisdom.

He’s on the A/V Committee and often runs the sound system during Sunday Services, attends young adult group meetings and has become involved in the ISAAC Core team.

“I’m currently focusing on advocating the public transportation system throughout the greater Kalamazoo area,” Andrew said.

Asked what he’d like to see happening at People’s, he said, “It’s important to remember there’s space for our UU principles outside the walls of our church.”

(Andrew, 27, was formerly employed in the electronic business at Stryker. Earlier he attended Michigan Tech.)

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