Rachel LonbergDear Ones,

At every church I know, it seems like the pace of the year accelerates until we reach May at a breakneck pace. This year at this church seems to be no different. There are many interesting, and inspiring events happening in May. Here are a few highlights. It isn’t possible to attend all of these events, but I do hope you make it to several of them.

May 1: Rev. Fred Campbell is preaching. Fred was the interim minister at People’s from 1995-1997. His many contributions to the church include
“The Four Faiths” class that people still rave about and the pedestals that hold our chalice, flowers, and other ritual objects in The Commons.  It will be a joy to have him back.

May 14: The Intergenerational Social Justice project. We’ll be painting a barn at Tillers International. Come, learn about the important work of this organization and do some good, important service work.

May 14:  The memorial service for Les Dodson.  Join us as we remember this church member beloved by many.

May 15:  A poetry service led by the Sunday Services Committee. Come, hear the words of the poets in our midst! The service is followed by our annual congregational meeting. If you are a voting member of the congregation, please attend.

May 21:  My installation. At this special service,
we will celebrate that you all called me to be your minister. There will be special music, preaching, and rituals. Installations are a rare occurrence in the life of the church – this is not to be missed.


And if May wasn’t busy enough, this is the month that our refugee support team will likely spring into action, co-sponsoring a refugee family in partnership with Bethany Christian Services. This is a fast-moving process, so be sure read the church’s Friday email and listen to the announcements on Sunday to hear the latest on this important work.

In the midst of the busyness—at church in otherwise—I hope you find time for stillness, for reflection, and for the spiritual practices that help you lead a life of meaning and joy.


See you in church,

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