Rachel LonbergDear Ones,

I want to tell you about a newly formed committee that I’m excited to be working with—the committee on ministry.

People’s Church has had committees on ministry before. It was best practice to disband that committee during the interim time. In the fall, five members of the search committee served as an interim committee on ministry, as I began my ministry with you all. We formed a new committee on ministry earlier this year.  The members are Steve Ferguson, Rochelle Habeck Hunt, Dyrk Hamilton, Cybelle Shattuck, and Allen Webb. I am looking forward to working with them.

What does the committee on ministry do? According to our church policies, “the committee on ministry will work to nurture, and improve the ministry of the church, which is a joint responsibility of the congregation and the minister.” That is broad by design. More concretely, the committee on ministry serves as a think tank and sounding board for the minister, helping me think about my work and the programs of the church. They will help me think and dream about how we might be an even stronger church with even better programs and ministries.

Another important part of the committee on ministry is evaluative. The committee on ministry will evaluate my performance as a minister—and the performance of programs and ministries of the church more widely. This is not to give everyone passing or failing grades, but to name strengths and growing edges—and provide resources and support in areas where they might be needed. For my first year with you, that minister evaluation is through a formal process developed by the UUA—evaluations by the committee on ministry and the board, and a self-evaluation that I write. We will discuss the evaluations early next fall and work on a professional development plan for me before submitting them to the UUA.

The committee on ministry is supportive and evaluative of both the minister and the ministries of People’s Church. It’s not always easy to understand their role. If you have any questions, please contact me or one of the members of the committee.

See you in church,

Rev. Rachel

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