Dear People’s People,

One of the handouts I provide to participants in our Inquirers Classes is ‘When to Call Your Minister.’ I thought it might be a good reminder for all People’s people. Here are some times when you might want to call me:

  • You or a family member are ill.
  • You want your minister to know you better – or you want to know your minister better.
  • You, someone you are close to, or a church member are in the hospital.
  • You are experiencing a life crisis and need to talk.
  • You are celebrating a joy and want to share it.
  • You have a child you wish to have dedicated.
  • You have a concern about our religious community – or an appreciation.
  • You are considering joining the congregation.
  • You are struggling with grief, loss, or change.
  • You are pregnant and glad you are, or pregnant and wish you weren’t, or you are dealing with infertility.
  • You want to talk about your beliefs and spiritual journey, or you are seeking spiritual growth.
  • You are facing a difficult decision.
  • Your children (or grandchildren or other children in your life) have spiritual questions and you want help answering them – or want the minister to meet with all of you.
  • You are planning to be married, or you are challenged by the demands of marriage, or you are planning to separate or get a divorce.
  • You would like to discuss your wishes for a memorial service or other preparations for the end of your life.
  • You are feeling alone and want to be reminded of the support you have.

Offering care and support to People’s people is my highest work priority. Hearing from you is never a burden. The quickest way to reach me is by calling or texting my cell phone – 269-389-9721. You can also reach me at; I do not check email every day.

Take good care, everyone,

Rev. Rachel


Rev. Rachel on Vacation:

March 24 to April 2

Rev. Rachel will be on vacation with her family, March 24 to April 2. They will be visiting Nashville, where DeForest was born, and seeing family in Ohio. Rev. Rachel will be away from email during this time. If you experience a pastoral emergency and need to reach her, please call or text her at 269-389-9721.




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