Dear People’s people,

As the new year begins, I invite you to consider a new volunteer role at People’s Church.

Many People’s people have served in extraordinary ways over the last several years, doing the work of the church in especially challenging circumstances. I am so grateful to so many of you, including our bylaws committee and the board who carried our institution forward. I especially want to thank the groups that had to radically adjust their ministries and programs for this pandemic time. This includes, but is not limited to our musicians, our religious education committee members and teachers, and the Sunday services committee, among others. Thank you! Thank you for keeping our institution strong and our people connected in this challenging season!

Many of these volunteers now, understandably, want to step back. While church leaders and I are approaching some People’s people individually about taking on new roles in the congregation, I also wanted to make this broader appeal. If you are able, please consider taking on a new role in the congregation.  We are especially in need of new people on the finance, stewardship, social justice coordinating, membership/connections and Sunday services committees, and to serve as ushers and greeters when we have larger numbers of people attend in-person services. Most of these roles involve a monthly meeting and some work in addition to that meeting.

Volunteering at the church is a way to deepen your understanding of the innerworkings of our institution and to partner with others who share your values. It is a chance to learn and use your skills in a new way and see how expertise from another part of your life might apply in your church community. Serving is a chance to understand your church better – how does money work at People’s Church? What does a person need to know to make a good decision about joining the church? How is worship created? – and a chance to meet other People’s people. Sometimes, especially for introverts, it can be easiest to get to know someone while you are working together.

If you have the capacity for a new volunteer role at the church, please reach out to me by phone, email (, or text . I would love to talk to you about how your skills and interests might best serve the needs of our church community, share more details about the various possibilities, and discern together what would serve you and the congregation best.

Wishing you a new year of service, learning, and joy!

Rev. Rachel

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